Love was invented in the movies (only in Spanish)

Couples talk about love. What do they think? How do they live love? Is love a social and fictional construct? Is romantic love an idealized way of relating to each other? What happens between them when they reflect on love? Maybe in those little things we find the most interesting thing in this movie. Why the camera stays so long with the one listening? In the roof scene, conversation reveals itself as a way of changing things. Talking is never just talking.


Running time: 47min.

Sound idea: Ariel Conti Peyceré

Music collaboration: Emmanuel Famin, Mauricio Greco.

Cast: Valentina Gait - Vanesa Carras - Yael Duschatzky- Thiago Batistuta - Mariano Biondi - Juan Medina -  Carmela Sandberg - Javier De Pietro - Florencia Restom - Gonzalo Gutierrez - Sthepanie Petresky - Pablo Lapa - Federico Vilaro- Franco Ludueña - Ornella TImpanaro - Rosario Miranda - Daniel Mora - Juli Satlari  -Antonella Fittipaldi - Ariel Conti.

Design: Leonela Marino y NIcolás Peña Colazo.

Directed by: Camila Adaro Liloff


What inspired/moves you to make films, and specifically this film?

What moves me to make films or why I made this film, I think they have the same answer. Since I was very young I was fascinated by the audiovisual world, fictions, stories. I loved watching and listening. When I started thinking about myself as a filmmaker I discovered that I still found that language fascinating but foreign. Looking for more closeness to that world, I started making films in order to learn, explore, experiment, and investigate. In particular this film emerges as a kind of game to investigate about love in the movies, playing with my acting friends. That is why it is like an essay for me. It's a little bit my vision of love with its criticisms and its beautiful things. The same thing happens to me with cinema, I love it and hate it all the time. But that contradiction is life itself so I guess my life is cinema.

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