Scenes from a broken party

Choral story about six characters who get shocked by small decisions and events. A young scientist is left by his girlfriend, a successful musician wants children with a partner who doesn´t, an actress gets frustrated with her career, a “wife” decides to leave her marriage, a “loner” is faced with the possibility of an intimate encounter, an “abandoned husband” tries to get his beloved back. Who are they when their ground gets shocked? Who are they beneath their masks? Deep down their personal crisis, these creatures try to find themselves. Maybe intimacy has something to say.

60 min.

Language: español.

Subtitles: inglés.

Recommended watching in HD.

With: Manuel Fanego, Marcelo Blanco, Clara Miglioli, Mariela Alejandra, Belén Brito, Susy Shock, Pablo Díaz

Written and directed by: Jada Sirkin

Camera: Federico García, Jada Sirkin, Nicolás Pol

Production: Cecilia Parodi

Edited by: Leandro Tolchinsky

Sound: Javier Tommasi

Sound postproduction: Emiliano Biaiñ, Marcos Zoppi - Zub Sonido

Music: Martín Dalesson

Poster design: Mer Miró


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