The bushes of Rio Bonito

This documentary follows a group of friends to the Bushes Carnival in Rio Bonito, a town near Rio de Janeiro. Seu Alcedinho, a local man, tell us about the town´s tradition: their carnival party is about dressing like bushes.


Language: portugués.

Subtitles: english, spanish.

Recommended watching in HD.


With Julio Lage, Seu Alcedinho, Christine Batelier, Anderson Hanzen, Arthur Max, Luis Aragao, Leandro Leal, Daniela Karst, Aline Bernardi, Paula Duarte, Isabela Carpena, Leandro Floresta, Motas de Rio Bonito

Idea: Julio Lage

Camaea, Editing, Direction: Jada Sirkin

Music: Nacho y los Caracoles
Poems: Leandro Floresta, Seu Alcedinho


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