Marriage material

Emily and Andrew, a young couple living in Memphis, agree to babysit their friend's 7-month-old for a day. The experience causes them to examine their own relationship and their feelings about marriage and children.

Films not only tell a story, they invite us to a perceptive mode and to an experiential context. The films and series of Joe Swanberg invite us to something rare and challenging: the practice of listening. In this film from 2012, a very simple situation between a couple give us the opportunity to enter a space of subtlety and complexity not so visited by most narrative films. I would say the conversation in bed is one of the most beautiful scenes in film ever. The complexity of the situation is not rendered to us by an economical and strategic narrative intelligence; we have to take the time to join these two human beings, without the help of any close ups and no music, to unfold the multiple layers of psychic subtleties.

(Jada Sirkin)

Runing time: 55min

Produced, directed and edited by Joe Swanberg

Photoghraphed by Adam Wingard

Sound mix by John Bosch

Written by and starring:
Kentucker Audley
Caroline White
Joe Swanberg
Kris Swanberg
Jude Swanberg
Adam Wingard
Amanda Crawford


Translation and subtitles: Jada Sirkin

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