Tenderline (letters from America)

This feature length documentary explores intimacy through art. Based on travel journals, it takes us inside Tomasz 's world, who travels to San Francisco for the first time in his life. Followed by the camera's eye, we get to witness his process of experiencing America. The story develops organically as he establishes relationships with various people who cross his path. Witnessing his intimate encounters becomes a main point of the film.

60 min.

Lnguage: english, polish

Subtitles: english, spanish

Recommended watching in HD.

With: Tomasz Foltyn, Melecio Estrella, Miriam Wolodarski

Script: Tomasz Foltyn

Produced, directed and edited by: Jada Sirkin, Tomasz Foltyn

Camera: Jada Sirkin

Color: Alejandro Armaleo

Sound postproduction: Emiliano Biaiñ, Lucas Ulecia

Music: Martín Dalesson, Liza Casullo, Maciek Gil

Poster design: Mer Miró


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