Oakland, California, 2019. The walls in the dining room are covered with photos of the more than 500 couchsurfers who have stayed there. The hosts wonder whether to keep welcoming people into their home. So many faces! They drink soda with ice and play a card game, which is not a card game!, it’s an invitation to have hard conversations. A safe space for unsafe conversations. They dive in. A machine produces soap bubbles that travel across the Oakland sky. Birds are confused.

Running time: 28 min.

Language: english.

Subtitles: spanish.

Recommended watching in HD.

With: Jeremie Fremaux, David Korman, Celina Díaz

Directed and edited by: Dama David, Jada Sirkin

Camera: Jada Sirkin

Sound: Dama David

Music: Julián Romero


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